Behind Closed Doors

A Birds Eye View Of Parental Alcoholism

Frame collective have challenged us to create a campaign about “parental alcohol abuse” that increases awareness of the issue and appeals to young people and adult children who have experienced parental alcohol misuse and want to drive change but more importantly appeal to the policymakers, researchers and practitioners who have the power to make that change and make them more aware and more  informed about this problem and demonstrate why parental alcohol misuse needs to be tackled separately from the wider substance misuse issue and to encourage them to create bespoke services with and for people who experience the problem.

My concept involves using the crowd of people from an aerial view to create images relating to alcohol either using the negative space between them or by using them as a crown to create a positive space image. This visual language as using peoples bodies to create imagery and type could be used in as many ways as needed throughout the campaign whether its to create eye capturing imagery or to represent important data that the wider population needs to be informed of. In relation to specific outcomes, I have created a variety posters and banners using this imagery that can easily be used in the social media campaign or even in printed media if needed such as printed posters or infographics.